Wedding Photography Techniques

 Wedding Photography Techniques
  • How do wedding Photography differ?
Wedding Photography is very difficult from any other Photography prix du viagra au maroc. In Wedding Photography or Press Photography, when a moment passes, it can’t be brought back .So we need to concentrate on everything that happens on the location.
  • Does the best equipments gets you the best picture ?
To make the most of best equipments, you need to have the time framing, sharpness and the most important thing, patience and observation .
  • Do the Traditional and candid Photography have to be confined to their own style ?
I get the lots of inquires regarding wedding photography, they ask me about candid, regular and traditional photography. Wedding Photography is lot like filming and documentary.
A Candid Photographer must also be tuned to take a traditional click. Similarly, a traditional Photographer must also capture the audience. The Present Scenario might demand to take video too. Every Situation you come across need to be utilized.
  • What effects do the various lights have on wedding photography ?
Wedding photography is the combination of various lights like outdoor light, Halogen Lamp, LEDs, Neon Lamp and Tungsten light which have different affect on the camera sensor.
  • Is it ok to used always auto white balance ?
Many used auto white balance in wedding photography. The auto white balance, balance the light depending on the light of the environment. As a result, the same picture may come with a blue skin tone, sometimes even pink or orange .
The White balance should be matched manually with the color temperature to get the skin tone, the background and the color we like .
  • Are Lens more important than camera ?
In Wedding Photography, Lens is more important than camera. While using lens like 10mm, 8mm, 11mm, 14mm turn the image grand, when you are out of the space and have lot of people to cover, wide angle lenses comes to the rescue .The 14mm, 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, lens covers more space from very short distance.
  • Which lens most photographer use ?
Most Wedding Photography use 50mm and 85mm lens, 50mm is nothing but the normal lens. You don’t find any difference when you see through the 50mm lens or with the normal eye. 50mm lens is what your eye see everyday. 70mm gives you the teleview and 35mm and 28mm gives you the wider view . Only 50mm lens give you the natural view.
This is the reason many photographer prefers 50mm lens for wedding Photography. There are Chances you get distortion clicking the portrait with the 50mm lens but that doesn’t happen in 85mm lens.The reason being, it comes with minimum focal length distance. This regard as the best lens to take the Portraits and closeups.
  • Then why people go for 70-200mm variable focal length lens ?
The Reason being, you can zoom to important subject such as wedding ring standing right from where you are. This is why most  photographers used 70-200mm lens in wedding photography
  • What king of lighting to use on the wedding dais?
I am completely against using direct light on the wedding dais. You never get the skin tone and the details right using a direct light. Only when you used bounce light, it shows the skin depth and will bring out the best skin color and if there’s white color on mandap, the light of your flash should be reflected.
  • What precautions should be taken while using the bounce light ?
So what do we do about  the light  when bounce is used 2.8 open , 1.8 and 1.2 open lens give you the sufficient light even after you used the bounce
  • What is importance of foreground and background in the image ?
Foreground and background play very important role in wedding photography, especially in closeup shots. You should get right combination of foreground and background to get the best picture.
  • Why do we need to edit the picture ?
If you want to become the best wedding Photographer, try to take every picture in a new way and don’t use too much editing, try to keep then as natural as possible.

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