What is Traditional and Candid Wedding Photography

What is Traditional Wedding Photography

What is Traditional Wedding Photography ?

Traditional Wedding photography can be recognized as formal color photo where  people are posed and looking toward the camera and say smile please or Cheese ! A typical wedding photographer with plan ideas and lot of direction or magazine style photography. We can say that traditional Wedding photographer is complete opposite of candid photographer. Our mantra is simple ‘ you don’t necessarily have a pose and smile for the camera, our approach is based on capturing the real emotion and moment and let the picture tell the story. We try to create and album out of your wedding then and there.

The order of wedding is categorically captured the sequence of people gifting you is throughout shoot and the photography throughout the event is ‘consistent’ . It is flashy. It is straight forward and very studio- ish so you will not what to expect in your wedding album. Absolutely there is no depth of field in photography. Photographer might used camera flashes. Family guest arranged in stage group photography is called studio type photography.


What is Candid Wedding photography

What is Candid Wedding photography ?

In a simple language we can  say that candid moment is all about the memories. A wedding is not a stage event.It is the culmination of the two families, and the celebration of there moment. A trained photography eye capture moment as it is, and that enhance the beauty of photography. Every motion encapsulation the moment is capture as it unfold. there are no layer, no mask, right then, right there, without any intrusions. We capture that the moment is all about, in all it’s true form and this will believe adds life to photography.

Our Style of Photography is to tell the story  of your big day by infusing element of fashion, photojournalism and portraiture we promise to capture candid moment with real emotions and create a collection of wonderful memories to a last lifetime.

We are trained to approach this and we work hard to help you relive your moment. we are adept at photojournalism as well. Photojournalism is a method of approaching the story of an event /wedding through picture. Available light and the emotion attached are the key element that constitute. It is the another name s wedding documentary,Contemporary, Candid,  Artistic photography. Wedding days event as there happened with no involvement direction or control from the photography.  We believe in the power of raw moment that can create magic, and unfold story. We do not bend down to any thing artificial, natural is true, natural  is correct and natural is beautiful. We believe in candid photography that reflect the soulfulness of the event. We work toward given you an output that will keep the fabric as is, original and true to the sprite of your wedding with the layers of happy colors that salsa around your wedding memories.


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