Tips for outdoor couple Photo shoot

Tips for outdoor couple Photo shoot

Tips for outdoor couple Photo shoot

I love doing engagement photo session because this allowed me the opportunity to connect with my clients before there big day. Even more so in that there’s much less pressure and haste during photo session that there’s be during wedding day. The Engagement photo session is also a good opportunity to impress your client with your photography. They did sign with you because they like style, but its even better when they love the photos you took them. time to shine. There family and friends will also be impress – and this help me when i walk in to bride house on the wedding day.

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  1.  Talk with your clients

Don’t be too involved with the  camera gear and light. It is imperative  that you keep the energy going and keep their interest just talk about there wedding day. Ask how they plan are coming along. Ask about there details and be personable

2.   Camera Gear

I do have a backup body and lens in my camera bag over my shoulder. Normally in i click wedding from Nikon 750, Nikon 810 or Nikon D3 with lens (24-70 mm) , ( 70-200 mm ) , 85 mm , 50 mm 1.4

3. Light and Lighting

I quite often work with just the available light with may be a hint of  fill flash. However off camera flash make life easier – you have studio quality lighting pretty much anywhere. My First approach is not to fight ambient light. It just going to make your life so much tougher, If you randomly position you couple where you have hard sunlight falling across there faces.

  • So post them to back to the sun if the light is hard
  • Look at the direction that the available light is coming from
  • Use lens flare for effect

Shooting against the sun with open light behind me give beautiful light on couple. No flash needed. It become important to recognize when you have beautiful light and need no do any thing else. I also shoot against the sunlight a lot of times getting back lighting or using the lens flare for effect.

4.  Posing

When i see nice background and i know I’d like the Photography the couple there, then it is simpler process to pose just one person first. Start with either girl or guy and then another person . If you have any idea how you’d like to pose both of them then great but if you are not sure then start with one person first and then add another. Many times i used available light coming from window or door.

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