Tips to become a better wedding photographer and its not about the photography

Tips to become a better wedding photographer

Tips to become a better wedding photographer

Tips to become a better wedding photographer

This page contain some advance techniques for wedding photographer. Shooting a wedding is one of the toughest assignments that a photographer can take on, there are lot of potential issues and the stakes are incredibly high. There are many things that go into making wedding photography a successful business. Photography is more about telling Stories through your pictures.

One of the most important and helpful tip. I’ve been given about wedding photography is to get couple to think ahead about the shot that they like you to capture on the day and complete a list so that you can check them off. This is particularly helpful in the family shots. There’s nothing worse then getting the photos back and realizing you did’t photograph the happy couple and grandma.

Show them your work. Find out what they are waiting to achieve, what key thing they want to be recorded and while shooting turn off the sound of your camera. Beeps during speeches the kiss and vows  don’t add to the event switch off sound and keep its off.

Having a second photographer can be a great strategy. Its means less moving around during ceremony, allow for one to capture formal shots and the other to get candid shots and Allways shoot in RAW never in any thing else.

Being happy , friendly and having the ability to build rapport with anyone and become everyone best friend. Being bold, get people to listen to you but never be rude. Crowd control . Being an entertainer , have fun with the bride and groom the best possible experience so that they enjoy having there photos taken.

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