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There are many common questions that comes in mind for a prospective client who want to hire us for their wedding. Most of those questions are answered in this page, but if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us.

Q: It seems that you are photographer since childhood ?

A: Yes, we are doing wedding photography since last 25 years, by the name of R.K Studio Dehradun (www.rkstudiodehradun.com). My Father is a professional photographer, running his business at Dehradun and now I have began to grow my father’s business in all India by the name of Filmy Vivah

Q: I Would like you to be my wedding photographer. So how should I start the process ?

A: You can contact me via the contact form or mail me directly at ashishkumar0514@gmail.com with your wedding date and venue. I will usually reply back to you within 24 hours. I can also meet you and answer all your queries face to face, if possible. Once you have decided to booked me, you have to pay 30% of total amount as advance after which I will block my schedule for your wedding date and start the preparation for the same.

Q: How much does the wedding Session Cost ?

A: I Know for the most people this is the most important question . But unfortunately there is no straight answer . The Cost depend on lot of variable factor like time , duration , location etc . But to give you an approximate idea my charge start from 25000 Rs . This does not include any accommodation , travel or prints. To get exact quote you can contact me with your wedding date .

Q: How far should we Booked in Advance ?

A: Booking me about 2-3 months a head is a good idea.

Q: What is your photography style ?

A: My entire objective is to tell the story of your wedding day, through pictures. I look for those special tiny moments throughout the day that otherwise get lost and weave them together to  make pictorial representation of your wedding day. I don’t force you to smile, don’t boss you around or infact direct you in any way, much less make you sit and stand in weird and ungodly poses.

I do Candid and Documentary photography. My photography depends on the moment and what I’m  aiming to achieve. I typically shadow the couple as close as possible while being hypersensitive to the behind-scene moments and emotions that occur spontaneously. These make the best wedding memories .

Q: What is your Posts processing style ?

A: I shoot with digital equipment, but my love of the timelessness of film image has led me to develop a post production style that allows my photography resemble film photos. In other word photography purposefully edited to like film image.

Q: Do you process all the image that you are going to hand over to us ?

A: Yes, of course . I pride myself on the consistency of my work .

Q: Who edit your Photographs?

A: I edit them myself.

Q: When will you deliver the photos ?

A: Within four weeks from the date of finishing the shoot and settling the payment scheduled .

Q: How many wedding Photos will I get ?

A: It depends upon the duration of marriage. A typical 2 day wedding generates 700 to 800 photographs.

Q: Where are you Based ?

A: Basically I am from Dehradun . Right now my new home is Bangalore .

Q: Do u Travel ?

A : I think that getting to travel and seeing the wide world is one of the perks of this trade. Yes, I definitely love to travel. Usually I try to reached one day before the event to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Q How Expensive you are ?

A: Expensive is a relative term . I think my fees is reasonable and i always try to over-deliver. I feel happy when my clients express there joys for hiring me .

Q : what details i need to put while requesting for Quote ?

A: Primary : Date of Wedding , Time schedule , occasions , City of Function , Expected Number of Guests , Your Contact number Etc

Q: Do you Shoot in RAW ?

A: Never Shoot in any thing else

Q:  Do you Shoot Video ?

A: I have just started to provide this option to my clients as well . I don’t shoot the video personally , but an extremely talented team member will. So, if you are looking for cinematic of your wedding then just drop me a line .

Q : Who chooses the photography in the albums ?

A: You and me . If you want you can choose the photo that you want to include in the Photo book  After i have processed the photographs, either you can choose the photographs or let me choose them. If both of these option scare you, then we can even collaborate. You can choose a specific number of the photo while i choose the rest .

Q: What if we cancel our wedding ?

A: Please let me know at the earliest. If you are cancelling within three months of the date, the advance booking amount will be non-refundable, since chance i have turned down another booking for the same date. But if you are rescheduling the wedding, then hopefully i will just change the booking date and everything else will be well and good. However, this depends on my availability for the changed date.

Q: Why the Wedding Photography are so expensive ?

A: Frankly Speaking . I Don’t really think that i am expensive . When you consider the price of photography equipment and software which cost quite a few Lakhs and the fact the my work is not limited to 10-15 hours on the wedding day but also around 40 hours of back room editing. You will actually realize that my charges are quite reasonable. Chances are that even when you are returning from your honeymoon a few week later, I would still be working on your wedding photograph


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