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Most common Question for e commerce Photography

  1. Product
  2. Apparel

The Product photography does not need models and also the retouching and finishing like model images. Usually the cost of shooting exclusive on white background is approximately Rs.300/- to Rs. 1500 per product. The apparel photography need some labor like unpacking and finishing product, ironing or steaming the cloths remove tags and again gunning it. Also after the shoot repacking it Professionally so that it can be sold like new product. This process reduce the number of garment shot in one shift compare to product shoot.

Along with this need modal as well as. Shooting for advertising is much more easier and well paid job ; AC launge plenty of time 4-5 shoot and good budget But for Catalog shoot modal have to change  cloths 50-60 times and do pose 8-10 hours. If a talk about Professional model will get paid anywhere Rs.10000/- to Rs. 50000 /- depend on quality of model



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