What is difference between Traditional & Cinematic Wedding Videography


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Cinematic Wedding Videography

What is difference between Traditional & Cinematic Wedding Videography ? 

There is a time when, the only way to get the wedding video was to have a videographer film you every move throughout the day and night. Those days are long gone. Today wedding video is chic. Cinematic wedding video focus on the storytelling. Weather the story teller  tell you story through image or the mixed of speech, music and pictures. The film is short very differently weather the cinematographer will more then liked shoot in short clips. It’s because they are shooting to  tell a story not just document every single minute.of your wedding day.

Cinematography is the are and the science of motion picture photography. The  best thing about cinematic wedding videography is that its open up a whole world of creative possibilities. For Example wedding video  might play backwards -from bouquet landing on the floor back to the bride putting in her dress or it might weave in certain style.

  • To lie out some other qualities you  are going to get with a cinematographer production let take a look here:
  • The camera will be small and unobtrusive, as well as being able to capture seen in limited light with no additional spotlight needed.
  • We’ll be using modern film tool such as Steadi-cam, slider, aerial drone, and other advanced device to capture unique footage.
  • We able to record speech and other audio storage with high quality, this will allow us to later narrate the wedding feature in creative Style
  • Cinematography means the video capture will look more movie like. It result smooth camera moment in creative way and the feeling of high production value.
  • Rather then normal video coverage, cinematography opt for narrative -style or documentary style “short film” or “short video”
  • The editing style of cinematic film will be emphasize the story.
Traditional Wedding Videography

Traditional Wedding Videography

Traditional Video for wedding in your typical video camera that is usually shot continuously. There is not much creativity beside following the couple around and documenting everything that’s being done. There is no storytelling involved and nothing would done in edit that would give  you those emotion you  would get from  cinematic wedding. It like point and shoot type of things and it’s much cheaper than have a Cinematography at your wedding.

We can say that videography at its basic can be security camera footage. Its usually take from one static position, thus unable to  take into account surrounding moment of spontaneity beauty and other artistic element.

  • What will video production output :
  • No movie style with no creativity.
  • Video will straight forward with action. Many videos is shoot at higher frame rate which give the video a “home movies” feel.
  • Videography is unable to creative and produce a storytelling final document.
  • Almost exclusively uses wide angle shoot to capture as much of event at once.
  • Finished video will  be no longer side and including almost everything shot that day.




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