Common mistake most couples make while hiring a wedding photographer


Every Couple aspires for there wedding to be a picture – perfect affair and they leave no stone unturned to turn this dream into reality. They look for the most exotic venue, hire the best vendors , select the most beautiful outfit and everything else which help them to  make there wedding truly memorable however, when it come to hiring the wedding photographer, not every couple might up making the best decision because the lack of knowledge about this art. In fact there are few mistake which most couple usually make while hiring the wedding photographer.

well this can be real spoiler in any couple dreams of having a perfect wedding, since only the wedding picture preserve the memory of the beautiful day. So here are some very common mistakes you must avoid , which  most couple make while hiring a wedding photographer.

Budget vs Quality

Having a professional wedding photographer is possible the best investment you can make for the most important day of you life,. This is where you should be looking for the cheapest but for the best you can afford. Remember , even if you stretch your budget a bit on the other aspect , it will  be forgotten once the wedding is over. However what will stay with you forever would be you wedding photographs. So it is  surely not a good idea to compromise on the quality of your photographs , just because they cost you slightly lessor then god ones.

Interfering on his work

Many couple tend to give their suggestions to the photographer while getting them self shoot. What worse ? they even reject the idea at the times and compel them to do the things the way they feel is right. You have to understand that you photographer is a pro  in his work, and hence, is well aware of how to give you the best wedding photographs. By dictating your own terms you might just end up irking him, the result which, can lead you to getting the mediocre quality pictures.

Prioritising quantity over quality

You might have limited budget and there is nothing wrong with that. But this does not means you need to compromise on the quality of your wedding pictures. There are ways to work around a small budget, those ways might not work at all if your preference would be to get more number if pictures then those better in terms of quality. we ask anyone. Isn’t it a better idea to have a bunch of the great pictures in your drawer than having an albums of mediocre images ? Of course it is And , if your budget does not allowed you to get the albums made right now you can skip it for a while a get it made little latter. At Present, simple focus the quality of the photography, rather the worrying about the number of picture you will get a your ablum.

Allowing another Shoot

Nowadays, its is pretty normal to  see the guest clicking the picture of the couple with there camera or at least with there phone. well this can make the work of your photographer difficult, as  the overentusiastic guests might just come in there ways when they might be about to capture a perfect shoot. Agreed, that it might be difficult for you to stop them, but you can allways tell in advance to at least your friends and family members. After all it would be the best thing to let your photography do this jobs, as he/she is paid to do it.

Booking a distant accommodation

This one is specifically for the couples, who hire a photographer residing out of there own city. you have to ensure that the stay  arrangement of your photographer as done as close as possible, to  your own place. And in case you having a destination wedding, then there could be nothing better then  having a photographer in same hotel where you are staying.

Mistaking copyright and usage rights

Some couple might get mistake by that the idea that the picture taken at there wedding for which they have paid are owned by them. well prior to booking a photographer you should be having these questions for him as will as your self

What is that you are entitled to when your commission a photographer t shoot your wedding ?

Who owns the images ?

What Right do you have in wedding image, and what right, if any does the photograph keep ?

And to know the answer of there important questions you need to first have basis understanding of intellectual property rights and how you different from user right

Copyright is a legal right create  by the law of your country, which grants the creator of an original work, exclusive rights to its use and distribution , there right are provided for limited time with intention of enabling the creator to receive compensation for there intellectual effort viagra super actif.

Moral rights are the right of the creators of the copyrighted work, generally recognized in the civil jurisdiction and, to lesser extent, , In some common laws jurisdictions. They include the right of attribution , the right to have a work published anonymously or pseudonymously , and  the right to the integrity of the work.

Asking for all the images

This issue, of course once the wedding is over. The couple usually ask their photographer to provide them with all the pictures ( at times, even the unprocessed one) clicked during there wedding. However,  what you need to understand is the professional photographer need to hand the client, only the very best shoots, editing to the best possible standard. And the Photos that are chosen to be edited are left behind for the reason So that is no point bothering your photographer or even your self for something that is not really of much used for you.



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