Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Wedding is the world which bring out a gamut of emotion. If you are the Bride or Groom. It is the Life Change Experience; It is giant leap to complete unknown territory. If you are cousin or relative , It is is season to dress up like there’s no tomorrow.  I stay my whole life in ( Dehradun ) North India. Every Wedding has different culture and Every Wedding is unique. Let me describe you a typical  Brahmin wedding is the celebration in vedic style where importance is given to tradition and rituals which has been passed on over centuries.

At Filmy Vivah, we love to shooting for Brahmin Wedding and after we learned what each of these rituals meant, our respect for their tradition has only rocketed a zillion notches up and what better to tell the world about it ? Blog post ? well of course.

Tam- Brahmin marriages are traditionally fixed by there parents; the compatibility of the bride and groom is decided by comparison of there horoscopes – which indicate the planetary position at the time of there birth, and are said to predict there character accurately. Once the marriage is finalized , a small engagement ceremony is held to solemnise marriage in the presence of witnesses. This is the ceremony perform by elder in the family which the bride and groom, being spectators. The Parents of Groom and Bride decide the date of the marriage. The priest then read out a lagan pathrigai specifying the time, date and venue of the marriage.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals


Kalyanam :

The Bride family member arrives at the marriage venue or ” kalyanam mandapam ” The venue is decorated with kolams and flower. The Bride family keep chandanam, kumkuman, rose water, sugar candy, garland and platter for the aarthi. A vessel containing “thiraattupal” is also keep ready for the groom mother.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Viratham :

This ceremony is performed separately by groom and bride family. A scared yellow thread is tied on the wrists of the bride and groom and they are not permitted to leave the marriage venue. The palika ceremony of the prosperity of the couple new life together is conducted simultaneously with the viratham.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Janavasam & Nischaiyartham :

This is very important aspect of the marriage where any difference between the family are sorted out. Ceremony take place at temple. Bride family bring betel leaves, nuts, cloths for groom. The Bride brother then garland the groom and sugar candy is distributed to all present. Once the groom reached to mandapam. The bride is led outside by her close friend to get a glimpse of her future husband. The groom is then led to the ‘medai’ where all the ceremony are performed.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Wedding Arrangement:

Morning of the day of wedding the bride family sends toiletries, a mirror and a basket filled with sweetmeats and a ‘nadaswaram’ to the groom family

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Kashi yatra :

After groom accepts and return to the mandapam to get married some family member waiting outside the mandapam giving the boy one last chance to actually run away. Dressed in ‘panchakatcham ‘ holding an umbrella, a fan and a walk stick and towel containing ‘dal & rice lead to his shoulder. As he step  out the ‘mandapam’ the bride father pleads with him not to go to “Kashi” and marry his daughter instead.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Unjal :

On entering the mandapam the groom discard his walking stick and all the other paraphernalia and is grdended by the bride. The groom in turn garland the bride.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Kanyadhan :

The Groom is gifted a muhurtha veshti. The bride is sitting on her father lap for ” Kanyadhanam ” The Bride and Groom together hold a coconut dipped in turmeric while the bride mother pours water on to the coconut. This ritual is called Kanyadhanam.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Mangalyadharanam :

The Kanyadhanam is followed by the mangalyadharanam. The ‘taali’ or mangalsutra is the place only bride head along with a miniature piece  of jewellery shaped like a mangalyadharanam and groom perform a puja with kumkumam and flowers. He then ties the first knot of the taali around the bride neck and his sister ties tow other.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Sapthpathi :

The Bride sari and pallu  and the groom ‘angavastram’ are ties in the knot and the couple hold hands. The groom place his first foot under the bride and help her to take seven step around fire.  then he place the bride first foot on a grinding stone near the fire and slip silver ring or’meeti’ on her toes.

The couple is then show the ‘Dhruva Nakshatra or pole star, a symbol  of permanence and the ‘ Arundhati Nakshatram or the symbol of purity and virtue.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Laja Homam :

The Bride brother slings a bagful of puffed rice or laja over his shoulder and keep giving fisfuls of it to his sister to offer as a sacrifice to the sacred fire. After this couple are blessed  by there parents and other family members present there.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Sesha Homan :

The groom ties a thread to bride . This ceremony used to performed just before the nuptials  but before  there days its is the part of marriage ceremony it self s that couple will ready for wedding reception.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Gruhapravesam :

If the groom family live near the bride is taken to new house and made to sit on a manai and feed milk and banana and If groom family live in other town and it is far then this ceremony is performed in mandapam after completing marriage rites. The Bride Parents prepare several sweet and savouries for the bride to take back with her to her husband new house This is know as seer bakshanam and stored in decorated box by the groom family and later distribute among relatives and friends.

Thus end the Tamil Brahmin Wedding which last little over 2 days. I hope you like my Post.  Thanks for reading it


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