Bengali Wedding Photography


Bengali Wedding Photography

Bengali Wedding Photography

A Bengali Wedding includes many rituals and ceremonies that can span several  days . In the most cases it start with paka kotha Ceremony and end with Bou Bhat Ceremony the wedding reception day after the marriage usually arranged by the groom Family . A Tradition wedding is arranged to the Ghotoka who are general friends are relative of couple . The Ghotoka facilitate the couple introduction to wedding guest  the they give gift called Ghotokbidae .

Bengali wedding ceremony take place in state of Bengal . The wedding Ceremony in Bengal are quit long and elaborate . The pre wedding and Posts wedding rituals Provide opportunity to the love once to enjoy with each other. Pre wedding rituals begin start with with Vridhi Puja which is done to remember the ancestors to the bride and groom . This is followed by Dodhi Mangal Ceremony wherein ten married women bathe bride and groom . Next is Gae Halud tattva ritual in which the bride send Gifts  by her in laws .

The Next is Suna ritual in which marriage women apply turmeric and oil to the couple . After bathing and wearing new Cloths the bride wears Sankha Poransa . She is then omamented with jewelry and crowns along with the sandalwood past on her face After is finally take to the mandap .which is made using two banana trees and ornamented with fresh flower and light . A Rice and Colour Powered Rangoli is made near by . An Elderly female relative welcome the groom with baran dala . It is the plate which first touched to forehead of the groom . then touch to the ground then then again touched to forehead of the  groom . As Groom enter the house rose water sprinkled over him . The Most Important rituals on wedding day are Saat  Paak during which the bride seated on wooden plank and lifted by her brother . She take around the groom seven times which signifies their union . In sampradhan ritual the patemal and matemal uncles of the bride give her away to the groom . After this Saptadi ritual take Place .

On Next morning Bidaai Ceremony take Place and and bride leaves with the groom for her mrital abode . The First Ceremony at the groom house is Bou Baran which is welcome ceremony for the bride . The Bride Submerges her feet in a plate contain lak dye and milk and enter the house leaving foot prints .

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